Saturday, March 3, 2012

Volunteer To Listen To Rush Limbaugh: Midwest


Thank you for showing an interest in boycotting Rush Limbaugh sponsors. This mission comes on the heels of his recent slanderous tirade that targeted college student Sandra Fluke, who was brave enough to testify in front of congress regarding contraceptive legislation. If you are interested in seeing a clip of Rush in action (brace yourself!), click here.

Because so much of the sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh radio show is done on the local level, we need to focus on those advertisers as we move our boycott efforts forward. This requires (insert gag here) actually listening to the show and jotting down company names. Warning: Leading physicians recommend limiting these exposures to less than 20 minutes (snark, snark).

Please post your comments regarding sponsorship below and feel free to remain anonymous. If you would be so kind, put the date, time and company name. I can enter company contact information at a later time.

Thank you again for your support of this cause.


  1. I will listen to the creep as long is it is for a good purpose. #BOYCOTTRUSH stand for Women's RIghts over Corporations.

  2. Sorry but I just can't listen to Rush, I did go on the website to see who the advertisers were. Now I'm going to take a shower.

    List of advertisers at

    One hour heat and air

    HalfPrice Golf Alabama


    First Family Mortage

    Charter video

    Jill Heffernan realtor

    Green Earth cleaning


    Ford Motor Company

  3. Here's a list from listening to a "Rush Review" show on Saturday in New Orleans, WRNOREGUS VIRTUAL OFFICE call: 1-800-633 4237
    WALMART (Walmart Pharmacy)
    Auto Assure 1800 939 3693
    1 800 944 9956 Net relief
    GEICO 1-888 900 VALOAN
    Matrix Direct and American General Life partner 1800 900 9508
    Profoot 2 oz Miracle Insoles
    Advance Auto Parts 1 877 238 2623
    LIFELOCK.COM 1800 4404833 special discount with Rush
    18004008295 Centa
    Lear Capital Gold IRA Call 1888 302-7111
    AUTO ASSURE 1 800 939 3693
    DEBT FREE BIBLE 18003001814

    1. This list is obsolete. I listened today. Here are the companies (national) that we have to go after:

      Blue Tax (800) 876-2002
      Lunada Biomedical (Amberen) (800) 339-0095
      Lear Capital
      Insperity (800) 237-3170
      Grasshopper Mowers
      Hillsdale College

    2. Up to date list here:

  4. I too just can not listen to him.. but I will write & contact sponsors !

  5. I am listening is Los Angeles. Disgusting but necessary! Thanks. Will send my list.

  6. In an ironic turn of events, I work during the hours of The Great Satan's show, despite the fact that as a liberal woman he feels me both useless and a drain on real society. Is there any source for getting the Seattle advertisers? Local Seattle companies should be shamed rather quickly...

  7. KFI -AM 640 - Los Angeles
    These commercials played around 10AM pst March 5, 2012

    Bay Alarm
    Von's Grocery Store
    Amberin (women's product for hot flashes) (webmaster)
    System Pavers or 877 728-3778

  8. Are you insane? Don't censor/hold comments on your blog if you expect people to do any kind of real-time tracking or logging of advertisers on the show. This blog is a huge joke with settings like that. Trash spam posts AFTER they're posted if you expect any decent amount of interaction on here. Nobody's going to bother to communicate on a blog like this when their posts need to be held for approval... >.<

    (Not to mention entering a captcha every time we post, too!)

  9. We need top google site where national and local advertisers plus contact info. can be posted. In the Huntington WV area we are covered by WVHU and his show is sponsored by 12959 Coral Tree Place, Los Angeles, CA 90066-7020

    Angie’s 1030 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46202

    Salvation Army & Goodwill (likely Free Public Service Ads)

    Allstate Insurance P.O. Box 12055, 1819 Electric Road SW,
    Roanoke, VA 24018 (800)255-7828

    Amberen (a hormonal hormone replacement) (800)339-0095

    M&K Maytag Home Appliance Center
    409 State Street
    Proctorville, OH 45669 (704)886-7795

    Weir Capitol Management

    Insperity 19001 Crescent Springs Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339-3802
    (281)358-8986 (800)237-3170
    (a business solutions company)

    PSAs (Free public service ads)
    Goodwill, Salvation Army, (the US ARMY),

  10. Sponsors in WEST ARKANSAS: On MOUNTAIN TALK 97.1
    Allstate Insurance
    Ozark Heritage Bank Mountain View AR 870-269-7311
    River Rock Inn & Restaurant (Fratelli's) Mountain Home AR 870-425-5101
    Baxter Regional Hospital Mountain Home AR.
    Greg's Farm Services Midway AR. 870-481-5165

  11. Some sponsors at the end of his show in Pittsburgh, PA: Living Social, United Gold, EFoods Direct.

  12. 1120 KMOX ST LOUIS

    Byerly RV Dealer, Eureka MO 1800 878 3325 advertised on KMOX St. Louis Mo. (from the banrush facebook page)

    Robert L. Steinberg

    grasshopper mower

    insparity (h.r. solutions)

    i only listened to the last 1/2 hour.

  13. from boycot rush on facebook

    Cunningham Builders, LP (4)


    Amberen (2)

    Lear Capital (4)

    jcpenney (4)

    Winning Our Future (2)
    (Newt Gingrich SuperPAC)

    O'Reilly Auto Parts



    Radiant Plumbing

    robert steinberg


  14. I made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. I listened to the entire 3 hours of the Rush Limbaugh show go determine who the advertisers are. (my head is about to explode) This is more difficult than you can imagine, not because of the stupid rhetoric, but because there are many local advertisers as well as national advertisers. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. I recommend we focus on the national companies first. Here is my list:

    Blue Tax (800) 876-2002
    Lunada Biomedical (Amberen) 339-0095
    Lear Capital
    Insparity (800) 237-3170
    Grasshopper Mowers
    Hillsdale College

    Please make an effort to contact the companies. Lear Capital ran more commercials than any company. I will provide a (long) list of local advertisers for the Los Angeles area later.

  15. Today, 3/5/12, I listened to 610 WTVN, Columbus, OH

    Here we go:
    (These ads ran between 12 and 12:30 pm)

    Amberin 800-339-0095

    Lear Capital 800-957-4653

    Capital University

    (Between 12:30-1 pm)

    Schmidt's Restaurant & Sausage House, Columbus 614-449-4038 800-267-2001

    Commerce National Bank, Columbus 614-583-2200

    Merion Village Dental 614-443-4400

    American Air, Grove City, OH 877-321-8035

    Financial Providence Group, Dayton 937-478-6790

    Classic Air, Columbus 614-476-1732

    Luebbe Care Hearing Services 614-431-1010

    John Deer Equipment, several OH locations

    Goldworth Financial 800-257-GOLD

    (Between 1-2 pm)

    App Ninjas 888-364-6527 800-381-0759 484-560-6305

    Mini-Maids, Westerville, OH

    Communities In Schools 800-465-3800

    First Opetion Lending 614-602-6020

    Ohio Christian University (couldn't log into this one?)

    Dr. Robert Gardner, Clintonville, OH

    (between 2-2:30 pm)

    Global Builders Restoration

    Muth & Company Roofing 614-882-0900

    Franklin University 877-341-6300

    Miracle Motor Mart 614-861-0250

    (Between 2:30-2:50, had to get my daughter, missed the end)

    Dr. Kvitko & Assoc. 614-262-9588

    China Dynasty (Arlington) 614-486-7126

    Wow Internet, Cable & Phone 866-496-9669

    Rosati Windows, Columbus 888-866-7800

    Ronald McDonald House

    Atty Robert Steinberg 888-891-2200

    Hydroxitone 800-990-3505

    Custom Air 614-552-4822

  16. Philadelphia area: Listened for about an hour before I couldn't stand it anymore. Heard ads for Netflix, New Jersey Lottery, Progressive Insurance; Wells Fargo; Wal-mart; NASA; GoToMeeting (Citrix); (Cisco); Ford.

  17. I am very glad for these lists. Keep up the good work. In my opinion the most egregous is American Forces Network because they are using OUR TAX DOLLARS to support a misogynous and depraved person. I have emailed the website listed here but does anyone have the email for the loser, George Little, Pentagon spokesperson, who says they will continue to advertise?

    Here is what he said yesterday "On Monday, Pentagon press secretary George Little said the Defense Department had no plans to stop broadcasting Rush Limbaugh's show to service members on the American Forces Network. Limbaugh's show is part of the Defense Department's policy to broadcast shows that "reflect a wide range" of opinion, Little said."

  18. Thank you Lori G for compiling a Columbus, OH list:

    Update, one more sponsor asks to be removed! Message I received from Capital University:

    Thanks for contacting us about your concerns with the Capital University ad appearing during the Rush Limbaugh program.

    Be assured that I spoke yesterday with our station representative about making sure the Capital University ad does not appear during that programming in the future.

    Until yesterday, I wasn't aware we were on Limbaugh's show. My ad buy was for morning and afternoon drive time only, but thrown in as an added benefit of the package was online streaming. With that, the Capital commercial is aired randomly online throughout the day, which is what happened in our situation.

    Again, I appreciate your concern; hopefully, this has been taken care of and no longer is an issue.

  19. anthem blue cross and blue shield



    insparity (sp)

    St. Louis University (SLU)

    anthem blue cross and blue sheild


    st anthony's doctors. in south county.


    ok i have to stop now.

    1. Thank you for sharing this info. in St. Louis. We've got our work cut out for us - esp. since they plan on putting a bust of Rush L. in our State Capitol! Keep up the good work!

  20. In Springfield IL today. I only listened for a few minutes but heard the following advertisers: Lear Capital, Memorial Hospital neurosurgeon with SIU School of Medicine, AB jewelers.

  21. How is this working out for you so far? Pathetic.

  22. Comments require approval? Very brave.