Monday, March 12, 2012

The Liberal Youth of America

In 2008, the youth of this great country were enthusiastic about the hope that candidate Barack Obama brought to the campaign. In his vision and via his speeches, younger individuals felt that politics were finally speaking to them and had a place in their lives. It was a magical moment of youthful hope that we had not seen since the days of JFK.

In the ensuing 4 years since the election of Barack Obama, that hope may have faded a bit for those who voted for him. There is no doubt that our expectations were much too high and that the concept that he could reverse 8 years of damage done by George Bush in 4 short years was unrealistic. Still, the progress he has made can not be trivialized and our economy is finally turning around. This borne out in evidence such as the burgeoning housing market, increase consumer confidence and the drop in unemployment. Did it take so much longer than we had hoped? Yes. But is it happening? Hell, yes.

This is the moment when we need to recapture that hope from 4 years ago because the fact of the matter is that great strides have been made and there is more where that came from. Further, a lot of these changes (read: Obamacare or changes to Pell Grants) directly affect those that may be preparing to vote for the first time in the fall of 2012.

We need to not just continually remind these college aged potential voters that politics is integral to their lives, but we also much support those that already have liberal tendencies. We must coach them, educate them and keep them motivated. Chances are that if we can lock them in as democratic voters at this age, then this political leaning will last them a lifetime.

There are pages on Facebook that speaks just to this liberal message and is a good place to start. Within the small confines of Facebook we can show our full commitment to the youth of America who have decided not just that politics are key to their lives, but that they want to spread the liberal message. Imagine the mentoring possibilities if each one of us with liberal leanings takes two or three or ten of then kids under our wing and keeps them focused on the democratic message.

Also, it is critical that we lend a helping hand to young women of this country who may be witness to their rights being jeopardized by the GOP. Remind them of where were have come from and how hard we fought. And remind them that we will soon pass the baton to them and we want them to be fully prepared for the next phase of this battle.


  1. I see you've bought the propaganda of "8 years of damage by Bush". You do understand that the country is now far more deeply in debt than it was 4 years ago to almost exactly zero benefit to the average person? You understand that crony capitalism has not been banished (GM, GE, Solyndra, Fiskar, AIG....I can go on if you like)? Our energy policy and security is the worst it has been in my lifetime. Anyone who believes we can make it on solar and wind fails to understand math, physics or both....or maybe likes living a cold and dark existence.

    Foreign policy has made the US a laughingstock. You wonder why Iran is plunging headlong to nuclear weapons? Because they know no one, especially the United States will do anything about it. The world's "beacon of Liberty" left the democracy movements in many Middle Eastern countries hanging out to dry.

    This President takes more vacations, plays more golf and does more fundraising tours than any president in my lifetime. His Administration illegally interferes in the affairs of the States. He has entered wars without the consent of Congress (while I believe the War Powers Act is unconstitutional, it is the law of the land and every President since Nixon has abided by it until this one).

    Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter. He may be the worst and most ineffective President in US History. Young people who would support him risk the destruction of their own future. They can't get jobs. Their union-directed education in the public schools fails them and the country. I only hope they have awakened before it is too late.

    I'm no lover of the Republicans. They are little better. But right now, I'll take a little.

  2. Green energy works. If you don't see that, you fail to look at reality. Heard of Scandinavia (not a country, but a region w/ a couple of em)? Yeah, they run off of Green Energy. And wait for it: they exist.

    And Bush spent more time on vacation than anyone in my lifetime (Clinton-Obama, oddly enough). And Carter was a great president. Everything he did, however, gets credited to Reagan. That is a great strength of Republicans: they can make up accomplishments.