Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney

On Meet the Press this morning, Jan Brewer announced to David Gregory that she is officially endorsing Mitt Romney. The Arizona primary is scheduled for this Tuesday, so this comes as no surprise that she has finally make such an announcemnt. In fact, she indicated that she wanted to wait until after the recent debate in Mesa, Arizona to make her decision because she wanted to see what the four candidates would say during that event prior to making her determination.

Really, Jan Brewer? One more debate is all you needed to make your decision? The GOP has had, to date, a shocking 20 debates in only nine months. During these debates the candidates have had an opportunity to show their true colors. In many cases, this did not bode well for their candidacy. For example, it wasn’t until Rick Perry proved himself an unprepared, unpredictable and unfathomable fool in these debates that the GOP ceased taking him seriously. It was during these debates that Mitt Romney has appeared as a wealthy overlord with little sense of what it means to be middle class in the US. Herman Cain, who could not get 9/9/9 to overshadow his personal failings, was eventually shown the door. Newt Gingrich was shown to be an arrogant boor while Ron Paul appeared as a disheveled and scrambling fool. And Rick Santorum quickly showed his true feelings on women who, if he had done his math, represents slightly more than half of the voting populace.

Still, Jan needed to wait. She needed to weigh, for the 20th time, her GOP options. Perhaps, in fact, she was waiting instead for the flap about her finger wagging incident to die down so that her opinion could be taken seriously. Anyone who would treat the President of the United States of America in such a supremely disrespectful manner does not deserve to have her endorsement taken seriously. Her behavior that day on the tarmac was not just unconscionable, it was unpatriotic. In a presidency wherein the GOP feels that they can treat our President (their president!) in any disrespectful way they choose without repercussions, this was a hallmark moment.

And that moment, my friends, is when Jan Brewer showed her true colors.


  1. I lived in AZ most of my life (escaped a couple of years ago, thankfully). Mesa, AZ has the highest Mormon population outside of Utah, I believe. The rest of the state has a large Mormon population as well. She's really going out on a limb there, endorsing Romney in AZ. I'm so glad I don't live there any more. What an embarrassment that woman is, and what an embarrassment my home state has become. I love Obama, but he took away the best governor (Janet Napalitano) we ever had!

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