Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Year Of The Woman

Many women, even those as young as 20ish or 30ish, were raised to keep the peace. To make others comfortable. To be the hostess of their own life wherein the happiness of others took precedence over their own comfort. Whether women received overt messages at home or  more whispered directions out in the world, it seems that no matter how far we seem to have come women still hesitate to cause trouble for those around them.

This typically translates to silence and it nearly always comes at the expense of the quiet and demure woman. However, in recent weeks and thanks to the offensive efforts of the GOP, this tide seems to be turning. It is happening in whispers at the manicurist, chats at PTA meetings and intense dialogues on Facebook. It is coming from women who heretofore may have had nearly no interest in politics and who may have even wrongfully believed that politics held no place of importance in their own life. It is coming from working women, older gals, educated ladies, poor females and divorced women. Teachers, mothers, cashiers, Texans, nurses, Northerners, dental hygienists, grandmothers. It is coming from the least expected amongst us and the voices are loud and they are strong.

The GOP War On Women Ends Here And Now

We will not wait until November to speak up. We will not wait until it gets worse. We will not wait until it hits closer to home or more laws or enacted or the dialogue gets more diabolical. We will not wait until our daughters come of age or when we find the right words or when the atmosphere is receptive to our efforts. We will fight back and we will do it today. No matter the response and regardless of the pushback, now that we have found our collective voices we will never step back in time. While some younger gals may not recall ERA YES, now is the time to remind them. It is the time to share our female experience with those coming up behind us and remind them of how far we have come. And, how the GOP is attempting to control us and would like nothing more than to push us back to 1950…or perchance even 1850.

At long last, the GOP has messed with the wrong demographic. The strength of this great country has always rested with women, no matter what sort of old (white) boy network continues to prevail in politics.

No More

There is little that every woman in this country can agree on. Coffee versus tea? Country versus rock?  Religion versus atheism? Age gracefully versus rocking a mini at age 50? But this much we can agree on: We have come so far and we refuse to take even half a step backwards. We will not sit silent and we will not allow the GOP to continue to jeopardize our basic human rights. We will not be bullied or terrorized or belittled. We will find strength in our sisterhood and we will…

Vote Democratic To Protect Our Interests


  1. ...and register more voters. You're preaching to the choir here (liberal Dem.). Our challenge this November is to Get the Vote Out!

  2. Definitely get to the voters!! We had a young lady at our coffee meet Friday that had never voted-yet. She felt she had not been 'educated' enough (I say encouraged) to vote. I turned 18 in 1976 and couldn't wait to vote and a lot of my enthusiasm came from what I learned in school. Some how, some way to we need light a fire in these younger ladies. My 12 year old granddaughter and I had a conversation about the simplest of things-getting the 'right' to wear pants to school and our dialogue about women's rights will now continue!!

  3. P,S.-the add at the top of the page "hot women for older men" seems a little inappropiate for this blog.

  4. Please change your line to "Vote Democratic to Protect Our Interests"

    It is not Democrat...but Democratic - that is the proper to say it. Republicans are trying to change the way it is pronounced